István Albert, Bioinformatics, Penn State

Bioinformatics Consulting

Bioinformatics Consulting Center

Our center offers bioinformatics data analysis services that cover multiple application domains of high throughput sequencing. I supervise full time bioinformatics staff and we also frequently have Ph.D. candidates rotating in the lab.

All of my publications in the past five years have been in collaboration with scientists that assistance with bioinformatics data analysis. A typical way to connect is to have scientists, postdocs, graduate students request a meeting to explain their projects.

Services range from routine data manipulation steps to developing novel, domain specific methodologies.

Sequencing data

Our center is also in charge of distributing and managing the sequencing data produced by the Penn State Sequencing Facilities.

If your research lab uses the PSU sequencing facilities our staff may already be involved in converting your data and performing the quality control on it.

Private consulting

I am available for bioinformatics consulting for parties not affiliated with Penn State.

I have consulted in advisory roles with some of the largest companies and law firms in the world.